Saturday, August 6, 2011


Christmas Memories:  Original Oil with Morager, $650.00
(Postage and Insurance Paid)

Creek Darling: Oil on canvas

I have entered  the Artist Challenge #54 - Remember Me
These 2 paintings are by far my most memory-filled pieces.  "Christmas Memories" was my tribute to the best of Christmas, which is children.  These are my own children's favorite toys to play with growing up, and it was the type of toy that they would help me to pick out to give to Toys For Tots (whom the U.S. Marines set up to get toys to children in need at Christmas). 
"Creek Darling" was a wonderful memory for me, as it is the place that I chose to teach my son to drive.  We were living in North Dakota at the time, and that state park was close and usually deserted in the late fall.  We saw so many wonderful things in nature there.  Large flocks of eagles would perch in one particular tree there every year when they were migrating...a miraculous sight!  We identified dozens of beautiful ducks and geese at the Lake there, and my son and I actually rescued a large and really prickly porcupine one day while driving through.  I wanted to show the amazing golden glow the late afternoons had, and the feeling of contentment and peace.
Both paintings brought back lovely memories, and were a joy to create!


Anonymous said...

I have bought several paintings off the Artist Challenge site and LOVE the contests!

Anonymous said...

I used the link to this site and really enjoyed it. I especially liked going back through some of the old challenges. I saw your iris in the Flower Challenge. Very pretty!

Rose Altom said...

Thank you! The challenges have been helping me to open up a bit and take a risk. Eventually I might even try a competition!