Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I spent a few minutes drawing these two Barn Owl siblings this morning.  I always have memory flashbacks of being divebombed by one of these several years ago...we were as a family out in the prairie BLM (Bureau of Land Management) of Wyoming, outside of Laramie.  It is free to be enjoyed by the public, and we were seeking adventure and hunting dinosaur fossils.  I got separated from the group, and discovered an old cottage, at least 100 years old and falling apart in the arid climate.  No windows or doors.  I approached it cautiously, keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes, even though it was late in the season.  I must have startled it's latest resident, however, because a HUGE Barn Owl came flying out of the window straight at me.  I hit the dirt, had a panic attack, and watched as the owl circled and flew off.  It had an amazing wing span, and was much larger than most of the owls I have come across.  It was also one of the prettiest owls, with it's white feathers and golden markings.  We found a few fossils that day, but the experience was much more long-lasting!

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