Friday, October 28, 2011


Mahogany Bay, Rhoatan

Hubby surprised me with a few days in the Caribbean for my birthday (and Christmas, and Anniversary!)  What a glorious time we had!  It has been a long time since we just relaxed and didn't worry about ANYTHING AT ALL!  I did bring my sketchbook, of course, and especially enjoyed drawing sealife from our trip in Cozumel, where we got a chance to go down in a submarine to see the reefs...109 feet below the sea!

In Beliz, we were lucky enough to go on one of the Mayan Ruin tours, and see some of the jungle life.  The toucan is the national bird there.  We also caught glimpses of green parrots, jewel-colored hummingbirds, and some long-tailed black birds with bright yellow stripes!  The butterflies were incredible as well, and the guides warned us about going too far into the trees, as there were 3-step snakes....take 3 steps after being bitten, and you are dead!!!
We stayed for one day in Mohogany Bay, Rhoatan, definitely our favorite port.  It was amazing to see the colorful wild parrots in brilliant scarlet feathers, and the white-faced monkeys.  I learned never to lean on any tree in the jungle there.  They had huge thorns!  We saw army ants harvesting the interesting to see lines of them each carrying a bit of a leaf back to their nest!
The experience definitely broadened our horizons a bit, and opened my eyes to all new artistic opportunities that is out there, just waiting to be savored!

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