Monday, October 10, 2011


Pink Palace Artisans
We had perfect weather for the show.  We met old friends, made new ones, and LOVE all of the people involved with putting on this event.  The craftsmen and artists are all such a wonderful group, and we look forward each year to seeing them!  Here are a few pictures from the event, and some photos of hubby's booth.  Enjoy!

Hubby sets up the booth

Hubby's carved jewelry

Hubby carved an Ostrich egg,too!

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Hunter said...

I went to the Pink Palace show this year,and was amazed at the talent shown. Talking to the artisans, they admitted that because of the lack of support from the customers, many would have to quit coming. I have such an admiration for these artists, and it is sad that the economy has caused many of them to 'go under'. We need to support our artists, folks!!!