Sunday, October 2, 2011


Canadian Geese Medicin Bag
 My wonderfully talented friend, Seedybeader, has created this medicine bag for me.  Incredibly intricate, detailed, and beautiful, don't you think?  It is 2" x 3" approximately, and can hold lovely tiny treasures, from a memory stick to love notes and photos.  She just amazes me with each new creation, and if you want to see her work in person, she will be at the Pink Palace Art Show October 6 through October 9, 9am-5pm.  The Pink Palace Show is in Audubon Park in Memphis, TN, and is one of the largest gatherings of fine artists and craftsmen in the area.  Hubby will be there with his sculptures. too. 

Front detail
Back detail


Anonymous said...

Wow, you made it look so good in your photo. Surlely I didn't really do that! Thank you so much for posting it on your wonderful artful blog. Seedy

Rose Altom said...

You always do incredible work!

Anonymous said...

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Rose Altom said...