Monday, September 17, 2012


This sketch is completely different from my norm.  I am still not sure as to my comfort level with my imagination.  My son-in-law thinks I am highly influenced by the movie Dark Crystal, and the Skeksis creatures.  I am sure he is right, but I was really thinking about my wildlife art instructor years ago, who was trying to teach me how to draw a robin.  He was demonstrating on his own canvas, the strokes for the feathers, and he wasn't having a good day.  Frustrated, he threw down the 5x7 canvas, and told me to go with my gut.  I mentioned that his bird looked rather interestingly like a metal bird.  Excited, he grabbed his canvas, and in the next 2 hours made the most beautiful painting I have seen of a bird, completely metal with a titanium color pattern.  His imagination was so beautifully rendered that I have envied the ability to use it creatively ever since.  In my attempts to broaden my artistic ability, I always think of him.  I will 'endeavor to perservere'! You may eventually see a part of this sketch in a painting.  Who knows?

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