Saturday, September 15, 2012


It is Monarch butterfly migration time, and I alway like to commemorate the time with a still life of the courageous creatures.  Having 2 cats, I find it best to have really delicate things protected, and what better way to protect my antique teapot, than in a cage?  Hubby found this beautiful paper monarch that flutters it's wings, and I attached it to the top of the birdcage to highlight the colors. Also inside the cage is a tiny mouse flying on the back of a butterfly.  My mother, who volunteers for the Missouri Conservation Department, spent last weekend banding thousands of butterflies to track their progress across the country to their home way to the south.  I worried that the tiny dot stickers they place on the butterflies would cause them to fly crooked, but she said they took off without a problem.  I still visualize issues with the tracking dots, and will have to draw something to that effect!  Blessings on your journey, Monarchs!

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