Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was in an antique store in the city when I found a huge box of printer's letters.  For 50 cents each, I dug through and found my last name (well, the m is actually an upsidedown w!)  I combined the letters with some fake  metal amphora pots that I love for their classic shapes.  I put these pieces together because I love the combination of text with curves. It is an exciting mix, and reminds me of the collages that I love that the more contemporary artists are doing today.  It also reminds me of the beautiful Asian paintings with the calligraphy. As always, I am drawn to warmer colors, and I really love the mottled look of the metal urns.  I hope to do a background on a painting someday that is infused with all of the movement and texture of that metal. 

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