Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Wierd looking, huh?  Sometimes I get stuck, and can't think of anything to do.  Doodling helps me to get back into some creative thinking.  This is a bowl of soup from a magazine, and I started doing some silly drawing on top of it, eventually making it into a strange sunflower.  What I like about this kind of doodling is you don't have to start with a plain white paper (when your creativity is already low) and you can come up with some wonderful ideas that could eventually become a great and significant piece of art!  What do some of YOU do to break through the 'art blocks' ?


The Artist In Me said...

Not so silly at all...I actually really adore this! I have been reading about doodling and scribbling and how adults have lost the capability to do so effectively for fear that it won't "look good". Kudos to you for taking the much needed plunge!

I will be stopping by often. I like simplicity and beauty of your work!

Rose Altom said...

Thank you so much! I find it a constant battle to get enough stimulation to stay creative...so I make 'playdates' and try to come up with something new every month!