Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As always, I find the drawings that have the most wrong with them are the ones I learn from...darn it!  This is one of the last strawberries of the season, and it was a bit squishy, not as full of bright contrast and life as it might have been earlier in it's life...rather like me, I guess!  I got the shape right, chose not to get too detailed in the leaves, and completely forgot to think ahead, and leave some white paper for the highlights!  The only way to rescue that lovely shiny fresh look is to dig out my white gel pen.  Since this was only a study, however, and I am getting ready for an art show at the end of the week, I let it go...let it go...(I try so hard not to let the little things bother me these days!)  My art is very connected to my psychological emotions, so if I suffer from silly things, like hurt feelings, or a squabble with my mother-in-law, my art suffers along with me.  Sorry, everyone!

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The Artist In Me said...

I actually like this! I am a perfectionist also. However, I have been trying not to concentrate on perfection, but just getting the concept on the surface I am working on...especially a sketch!

Nice job and I pray that all things are going well while you are getting ready for your show!