Monday, July 23, 2012


Despite the drought conditions across most of the U.S., my little piece of Tennessee has been getting quite a bit of rain this week.  Because of that, fungi have been popping up all over the woods.  This mushroom is a wonderfully perfect specimen of fungi-tude, and I was in heaven getting to draw it.  Don't know why I am so excited by such a normal growth, but I have always had a fascination with the varieties of mushrooms.  I went hiking in Glacier National Park, and the family groaned at my count of all the different types I found along the walk...(16 on a 2 mile trail!)  I used ink, and kept it delicate with a minimum of detail.


Curious Art said...

I share your fascination with mushrooms... there's something a little otherworldly about them, & no, I don't just mean the magic kind! This is a lovely portrait with a lot of character.

Rose Altom said...

Thank you for your comment..I am hoping to move forward in my art and add more than just details...I want to add more imagination! Your work always inspires me to look beneath the surface and dream a little.