Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hot Peppers!  I chose the wrong type of media for this particular drawing.  For one thing, it doesn't show the beautiful green color of the peppers.  For another, it is too heavy handed to make a good sketch.  I am certainly having my creativity issues this week!  Review:  2 out of the 3 peppers are floating in mid-air.  That would be wonderful and creative and amusing, IF I had meant for it to happen.  I will experiment with that....however, today it is simply a mistake.  I did this drawing from memory while sitting in the emergency room.  NOT condusive to good art work!  I am also sure that most hot peppers don't have creases that remind you of plumbers' (dare I say 'derriere') cracks!  I think that I must have been looking at that nice doctor walking down the hall....


womanbread said...

Hi Rose! I just 'found' you via Dreama's blog, and I'm so glad I did, because I love your blog, and I love your drawings and paintings (especially your still life paintings). Although I'm a crafter, my heart and spirit has always been 'drawn to' (sorry, couldn't resist) still life compositions - mostly in watercolour, sometimes with coloured pencils and, when I'm really brave, with 'regular' pencils. These peppers are wonderful. I'm inspired and motivated to take a break from my crafting and begin a new still life journey.

Rose Altom said...

I am so happy to 'meet' you! I love crafting, as well, and have been doing some gourding lately from last years crop. I am thinking about combining my sketches with the gourds and doing woodburning on them. I look forward to hearing more from you.

womanbread said...

Hi Rose - Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such warm and positive comments about the mandalas and my writing. I'm only just a 'newbie' here in Blogland, and although I love to write - always have loved writing - I've been kind of timid and 'mike sky' when it came to writing for a (potentially and hopefully) wider 'audience'. So for you to say I've a good way with words truly made me smile.

I love your sketches and drawings. They're so inspiring to me - I have always loved still life compositions...either drawing them or painting them, and want to try and devote more free time (free time? what's that? lol) to getting better at them.

Looking through just a few of your still life sketches (I will be checking them all out, if I ever find a bit of time away from the crafting in these next couple of weeks and months), I've been so inspired and motivated to get back to them again.

Your idea about combining your sketches and woodworking sounds brilliant to me. I love working with wood. Before I painted onto wood, I loved carving, too. There's just something magical about working with wood.

Thanks again for visiting me over at my blog. I look forward to more creative chats with you. Till then, take care. - June