Sunday, July 1, 2012


I am on another diet, nothing new in my life....but this one seems to be liveable, including lots of fruit and veggies as opposed to 'complex carbs'.  That means lots of interesting things to draw!  It always amazes me that as many times that I have drawn or painted an apple, each one is different.  This one has funny green freckles, and a hint of color on it's mostly golden skin.  I have been getting more interested in doing some watercolor pieces lately, and thought this one would be fun to do some wet in wet technique.  I love how the color bleeds into the water and leaves funny, blurry 'flowers' of negative space!  If you notice some pencil strokes in there, I did use a bit of colored pencil to accent certain areas.  I am not good enough at watercolor to know how to do it without 'help'.  Though, I rather like the mixed media.  Wonder what else I can add to the mix.....!

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