Monday, November 5, 2012


I finally finished the painting, and I am quite pleased with it!  The creative process was enjoyable, a challenge, and I am happy with the end result.  This painting actually had started out as a painting for a critique class (see previous blog submissions) but as I painted it, it became clear to me that it would work out for the "Bits and Pieces" Artist's Challenge as well.  The painting is a tribute to my wonderful mother, who really found her niche in life about 6 years ago.  She was in her mid 70's, and not wanting to settle into a retired life of doing nothing.  She had the opportunity to volunteer at the Missouri Conservation Department as an educator for children, and fell in love with it! She discovered a wonderful second career teaching children about nature.  I felt that the Bits and Pieces that I painted were a signature for her renewed enthusiasm for life, and an inspiration for me.  Thanks, Mom, for showing me that life continues to throw opportunities our way to grow and give and love!
To see the entire competition, go to http//   And for you artists out there who want to get your work on the web, join them.  They are so supportive, and even do a youtube slide show of each challenge! 

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