Tuesday, November 13, 2012


J. Anderson (Mom) demonstrating

Students painting

I was gone all week, up to Missouri to assist in teaching a class on Sumi painting.  My mother is an accomplished watercolor painter who learned Sumi painting from Mei Shu from Albuquerque, New Mexico many years ago.  He was a contemporary and good friend of Georgia O'Keefe.

The class was amazing and fun!  We had 16 students and three extra aides, who were kept very busy. Our first challenge with this beginning group was to teach them how to hold the brush, as this is essential for the brush strokes.  It was my job to keep reminding them..."keep it straight!" I also did individual demonstrations while the head instructor (Mom) demonstrated in the front.  It was a cheerful group, with a good sense of humor and a need to learn.  Yeah!  I always find that teaching is the best way to grow as an artist...you learn so much more from your students!  I learned that you can enjoy your art and the journey of it more when you have fun, loosen up, and keep your mind open to new possibilities and happy accidents.  I grew a little bit this week!

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