Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is a drawing that I have been working on for a few weeks.  I love pattern, repeated shapes and stark lines, and decided to build a sequence.  I used a fine tip Pilot pen, and actually went into the second pen as I wore out the first one.  It is an 8x10 piece.  At the moment, I am not sure if it is an inspiration for a really large painting, or something else.  I like where it is going, and not too pleased with the darkest feathers.  Overworked it, I think!  I am actually especially happy with the bottom half of the sketch, where I left some of the feathers to the imagination.  It gave me the chance to bring out the shapes and splits in the feathers, an irregularity that I like very much.  It developed completely by accident, and I am as surprised by the result as can be!


Susan said...

Very nice. I always like black and white drawings.

Rose Altom said...

Thank you so much, Susan! I find that I am happiest with my pen and inks. They are non-threatening to create, yet push my creativity!