Saturday, November 3, 2012


My art class with Fred Rawlinson was very productive this week. My favorite part of it, however, was his philosophy on the mental processes of a piece of art.  I want to share with you, AS HE STATED IT, the LIFE CYCLE OF AN ART PROJECT
1.  This is a GREAT IDEA!!!
2. Shucks! This is harder than I thought!
3. This really SUCKS!!! It will never work!
4. Depths of despair.....(but I've spent so much time on it! I better pull out all of my bag of tricks to make this work!)
5. This still sucks, but I MIGHT finish it...
6. This was a GREAT IDEA!!!
Fred did say, that without this cycle, the ups and downs and emotional connections to your work...the painting won't be a part of you.  It might be easier sometimes, harder others, but you have to have a connection to your work.  I am starting to believe him....

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