Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I decided to get back to my sketching while I mull over my next painting project.  Today I headed outdoors, and started a lovely bonfire out back.  The day was a bit chilly, the leaves smelled wonderful burning, and the squirrels were irritated....altogether the perfect time for a glass of wine and some sketching!  As you can see by the sketch, I was more interested in my surroundings, the sights and the smells, to really concentrate on my first drawing.  I also had to deal with a bit of a breeze that kept blowing my leaf about.  And then there was the smoke from the fire...which chased me from chair to chair!  Crappy drawing, but big memories.  I will be doing this again!


Susan said...

Sometimes it really is more about the experience and the memory. At least you didn't have to deal with bees. Fun sketch.

Rose Altom said...

I do try to time my outdoor experiences, still being fairly new to living in the woods. I have been dive bombed by bats, attacked by hornets, and even interrupted by chipmunks, my FAVORITE rodent in the world!