Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I know, I know...I am lousy at architecture!  Maybe that is why I keep trying to do it.  Every building I do is slightly askew, and I am pretty sure there is one more column than what I put in here,  but aren't some buildings so interesting that it is worth trying?  I have lived in some pretty unique homes over the years.  I am thinking about the historic housing on the military base in Cheyenne, Wyoming...I am sure it was haunted!  There were a few doors in the attic that refused to stay closed, although I would latch and bolt them.  The kids and pets refused to go up into that space (so it was perfect for my studio), but I did have to share with the occasional spirit or two!  The stories I could tell about those houses...! Anyway, I drew this old building in Nashville, and wondered who haunted it...

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