Monday, May 7, 2012


This week has been so weird, with the plumbing on the fritz and the T.V. broken, that I thought I was going to lose my marbles!  So, with not much to do, I decided to start a new painting with a marble in it.  The 'goal' was to learn more about reflecting and translucent surfaces.  The learning curve has been more to keep my kitty from getting to the marble before I get finished!  It was a battle of wills, and the cat won!  Before I can complete this painting, I will have to reposition the marble and get the lighting readjusted, and pretend not to see the new chip in the glass where the cat bounced it off the table...across the kitchen floor...down a flight of stairs...through the tea room...into the laundry room...and under the wash machine!  All of us artists must suffer for our art!

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Rose Altom said...

This painting is 3"x3", and I am working in acrylic paint on canvas. I am working with glazes to get a translucent effect. Hope to get it done in another day or two...depending on the kitty interruptions!