Sunday, May 6, 2012


Life definitely has a way of intruding on an ideal artist's routine...this week alone, we had a flat tire that developed into needing two 'special order' tires...we had a plumbing problem that looks like it will end up ruining a main wall and all of the carpeting, and the television gave up the ghost!  (I won't mention LAST week's catastrophies). 

When life throw's so many things in your lap, creativity is needed...not for painting or sculpting, but for coming up with solutions.  I read a book once called "A Whack on the Side of the Head"...I think that was the name of it, anyway.  It was about coming up with creative solutions  for businesses, and the workplace.  It discussed thinking outside the box, and coming up with solutions from a variety of angles. 

In my case, I am trying to look at the sudden influx of problems and catastrophies from a positive point of view.  Less T.V. means more time to do constructive things.  Maybe the home owners' insurance will help to pay for new carpeting that is desperately needed...and the new tires will make it safer for me to go see my mother (over 200 miles away) for Mother's Day more safely.

These are just small problems, I know.  They just happened to occur at the same time, so it is a bit overwhelming.  Creative thinking is definitely something I need to keep on every aspect of my life!


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