Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Funk Ramblings

I have been at an all-time creativity low the past few months.  It hit me when my daughter turned 30 that I was fast approaching the ancient age of 55.  Normally I would ignore the numbers and continue merrily along, but the past year has shown an increase in weight, some heart issues, and the occasional panic attack that has gotten me to feeling vulnerable.  With my self-esteem at an all-time low, along with the creative flow,  I haven't been producing any paintings, which make me so happy.  I have been trying to learn how to meditate (I can't seem to slow down my brain enough) I have taken up doing mandalas for peace and serenity, and I have been trying to get enough nerve up to take yoga classes.  Unfortunately, my attitude pretty much stinks!  I am a horrible procrastinator.  What is a girl (or old woman) to do?  I have great plans for wonderful paintings, and hope they will be in creation sometime soon. Just a little bump in the road....

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