Saturday, May 21, 2011


Frogs are just fun to draw.  In going over my sketchbooks through the years, I noticed a rather strange propensity for amphibians.  I first started drawing them to amuse my son when he was going through his creepy-crawly phase.  We lived in so many different places that he was interested in why the frogs looked different from state to state.  That curiousity was contagious, and we kept a bit of a diary on frogs throughout the years.  When we first bought our house here in Tennessee, I immediately was interested in the reddish color of the toads in our yard.  RED!  Our youngest cat was intrigued as well, and she caught one first day out.  She promptly spit it out, so it must have had a nasty aftertaste, and then she started foaming at the mouth.  Took me 15 minutes to rinse the toxins out, and we both learned a lesson...RED MEANS DANGER!

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